Emotional Blueprint, Intuitive Reflexology and Qi Gong

Deborra is truly intuitive, insightful, and invested in the people she has helped overcome the roadblocks to a better life!

She believes the body is the last to let go of emotional patterns that have been with us since birth. Science is now recognizing that memories can be passed down through generations in our genes. For 20 years she has felt that leading causes of pain and disease are the unbalanced emotions that often lie dormant within the cellular memory of the human organs, bodily systems and tissue.

Deborra’s unique sessions combine both her gift of heightened intuition, her 20 years of clinical reflexology, and her internationally acclaimed program, ‘Emotional Blueprint’. She uses reflexology to determine your emotional blueprint and help you achieve inner peace.



Look at what her clients have to say:

I am now aware that for many years I have suffered from depression, and had withdrawn from my friends and family as a result. More damaging in some ways, was the fact that I had withdrawn from ME. When my beautiful partner of 33 years had had enough and left me I knew that I needed help, but had no idea where to find it. I was devastated and lost.Fortunately for me a dear friend of mine knew of Deborraʼs work, and suggested I book a session. Deborra guided me to understand my situation and to help me out of the cave of depression that I had been calling home. In many ways I was like someone who was visually impaired. I couldn’t see what was wrong, nor where I was going. I simply wandered around bumping into things. Deborraʼs work has helped to show me the
way; she acted as my guide with gentle compassion, and she helped me get in touch with the ʻreal meʼ.Most importantly she has given me hope and for that I thank, I am forever grateful!

Nicholas Noyes Roberts
Ottawa, ON

Deborra Cameron is a gifted relexologist. After being on serious medication (with serious side effects) for rheumatoid arthritis for over six years, I decided I was ready to try something else. I undertook a course of reflexology treatments with Deborra. She has assisted me with the transition from medicated control of symptoms to drug-free and symptom-free! Not only that, Deborra’s insights into my emotional history and its effects have helped me to let go of long-standing negative patterns of behaviour. Thank you, Deborra, for your loving care.

U Ihsanullah
Ottawa ON