Stress to Peace with Kidney Healing Sound

Water - Kidney Healing Sound


“The Kidneys and Bladder reflect the water element in Nature.

The Water brings us a sense of peace joy and tranquility.
Our body longs for this…”



Kidney, Bladder…Stress to Peace

As it is with all the healing sounds we will be reviewing in the next five blogs, we will be focusing on colour, posture and sound. These aspects will raise the consciousness of negative, lower frequency emotions to a higher, more positive vibration in each one of the organs.

In our society there is an epidemic of adrenal fatigue. Our bodies, due to stress, fight or flight, nervous tension, fear of the unknown and anxiety, can begin to rebel through a varied number of body aches and pains and disease processes. The Kidney’s and bladder hold these emotions. When any of the vital organs hold unbalanced emotion over an extended period of time, the organ hardens and dehydrates.

Often people who express chronic stress, they report a knotted feeling in the small of their back. The kidney healing sound brings a sense of peace to both the kidney’s and the bladder.

The Kidney Healing Sound…

We first bring our focus to the Kidneys and Bladder. Visualize standing by the ocean…visualize a beautiful blue light. Choose your favorite colour of blue. Within this light are the virtues of peace, joy and tranquility. We recognize that stress, anxiety and fear no longer serve us.

Sound: we use on exhale: Chewwwww EEEEEE( sounds like a wave coming into shore)

Posture: Sit upright on a chair with a straight posture, and feet flat on the floor. Sit with hands on lap with hands on lap. As you breathe in slowly, slowly lean forward with legs out front of you and feet together. Cup your hands around knees, and round your shoulders. Now look straight ahead of you. While doing so envision the blue light filled with peace, joy and tranquility. Smile as you do so. Place your tongue to the upper palate as you breathe in.

On the out breath envision a grey mist leaving your mouth as you expel the stress and fear out with the healing sound ‘chewwww eeeeeee’. As you breathe the healing sound out, slowly roll up one vertebrae at a time until your hands are once again upright on your lap.

Repeat 4 to 6 times. Please take your time and be aware of your kidney’s relaxing. I like to suggest that this practice should be done before bedtime, as it is very relaxing.

You will begin to notice a lifting of the tightness in your lower back, and will feel a greater sense of calm. You will feel lighter in general and have a greater sense of well being!

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Enjoy and practice daily!

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