The Christmas “Human Heart” Spirit is Alive and Well

I recently saw a local production of the ‘Christmas Carol’ and found myself in utter awe with the enormous talent that was in front of my eyes.
People of all ages were on stage exhibiting a love of being in the present moment with their lines, dance and song. The children were incredible and I was close enough to the front of the stage to hear every word and to see every expression.
A masterful local talent who was 6’ 5” and had a presence that couldn’t be denied played the Scrooge character. His cold, Bahhh Humbug heart filled the room and you could see that the audience in fact believed his cruel, convincing nature. Ah yes, a closed heart old Scrooge who had and those characters in his close proximity would feed off of his gnarly nature and soon their hearts were filled too with anger, rage and blame. His nephew Fred on the other hand, despite the negative energy held the flame of hope in his heart, believing his uncle would come around to receiving the love he so desperately wanted to give to his uncle.
As Scrooge visited the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, you could begin to see his Heart open, and audience began to shift with the joy of seeing this old geezer come to life.
We so often live with a closed heart and don’t realize it. We operate from the ghosts of the past that may haunt us, without being conscious of it.The magic of Christmas for me is in the utter bliss of observing people unfurling negativity into a more positive light.

Why does this happen? I like to call it the ‘osmosis effect’! It is like a wave that begins to move through the actors on the stage of life. One positive loving action creates a domino effect and before you know it a whole office or household can transform!
A student of mine at my CHEO group was asked recently about her success of transforming her life. She replied by saying that it was ‘conscious choice’.
We don’t realize that in every moment we can chose to be in our hearts. The heart has a way of literally burning out the negativity that may ‘haunt’ us in our lives.
My New Year’s resolution is to consciously spend more time in my heart each and every day. In doing so the magic of Christmas can happen every day!!