Deborra introduces her newest Day Long Workshop! ‘Relationship Regeneration’

Springtime is all about regeneration of life. The green shoots are coming through the snow on the forest floor, and the animals and birds are beginning to nest in anticipation of their newborns arriving.

We are feeling more hope and sense our own regeneration as we look to shed the winter pounds and get serious perhaps about hitting the gym again.

I always feel my own inner creative turbine picking up energy, and often create new programs this time of year! So on that note, I am excited to introduce my brand new workshop, ʻRelationship Regenerationʼ.

When asked, I have found most people will say that what is most important to them is the people in their lives, their family, their friends, their spouse. Yet relationships can be the source of the greatest emotional drama in a personʼs life.

Within the daylong workshop we look at the beliefs and behaviors that undermine relationships and make them the cause of drama.

When triggered by another person, we instantly point the blame finger at that person and feel we have been wronged. What we donʼt realize is that there is a biological response to that trigger that sets off a physical/emotional response within the body that reveals the wound within self, that is not about the person that triggered you at all. In ʻRelationship Regenerationʼ we study the personal relationship within self.

We will learn about the ‘Law of Reflection’ and how this powerful universal law is expressed first within self between the masculine/feminine aspects within you. This relationship between these two parts of inner self, are then ʻreflectedʼ in your outer experiences within your relationships.

The biggest factor affecting relationships does begin within you. Your emotions, attitudes, behaviors, fears, doubts, insecurities, passions, hopes, and desires often set the pace for the wellbeing of your relationships.

You will learn how to get in touch with the power within you to ʻregenerateʼ or ʻrenewʼ the quality of your relationship within yourself and thus your personal relationships! When you get a handle on these aspects of your life, you will feel a
new sense of balance, and all your relationships become easy!

Please join me on Sat May 24th for the launching of this exciting new workshop!

I will be giving also a free lecture on Relationship Regeneration on May 21st @ 7 pm @ Integral Health Clinic. Please call reception at  613-241-0005 to book your spot, as seating is limited!

Enjoy the opening of spring everyone, as we celebrate the
renewal of life!