Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse Everyone!

The Horse is seen as the most ‘free spirited’ of the Chinese Zodiac signs.

I grew up with horses, and being a ‘horse’, in the Chinese astrology Zodiac myself, I can relate to some of the attributes of the horse, which will influence everyone in the Year of the Horse. One of our horses name was ‘nugget’, she was part Arabian/Quarter Horse and was a gorgeous palomino with a golden coat and a stunning white mane and tail. I loved to ride her through the pastures and back in the woods of our country property. I felt like we were indeed one with the wind, and I somehow felt our spirits were matched.

The year of the horse represents great abundance, new opportunities, with a need to focus and follow your dreams. It represents ‘movement’ in the greatest sense, and many people will find they have a desire to travel, relocate, move job’s etc. There will be an inner stirring for ‘upping the bar’ in life, considering, and birthing new ideas and directions.

The following image came to me one day recently when I was working with one of my favorite clients, and I felt compelled to share it with all of you! When you consider the majestic image of a wild horse galloping through an open field, you can get a sense of his great power, strength, determination, focus and independence. There are no obstacles and he is indeed ‘free to be’. He is fully present with no real regard for destination. Moving with great grace and speed, imagine for a moment what may happen if the horse was to look behind him for a period of time? Some of my clients and students have commented, in sharing this story, that he might trip over himself, stumble and fall or at worse, injure himself.

So when we think of the horse, looking back, it in fact can represent looking to the past, or engaging in the past. Focusing on the pain of the past can indeed injure us. It can keep us from moving forward and truly embracing our dreams! We can sometimes feel trapped in the world of the past, and not really know who we would be without it! By counting our blessings in the ‘now’, and remembering our dreams, we can travel through life with the ease of a galloping horse!

Please see the details of my Year of the Horse Workshop coming mid February!

I wish all of you a Happy, Joyful, prosperous Happy Chinese New Year!