The Legend of the Warrior and the Maiden

The relationship between the warrior and the maiden is one of the most potent highlights of Deborra Cameron’s Emotional Mastery program, producing astonishing results for clients who have tried it!

This summer, why not open the Emotional Mastery toolbox and use the process of the inner Warrior and Maiden to breathe some HEAT into the lungs of less dominant aspect of our self!

The Inner Warrior

With so many students – men and women – the warrior within, is alive and well! The traits most often associated with the warrior are: provider, protector, the logical thinker or the proactive one. The warrior often strives to protect the maiden, often silencing her with his determination to get the job done, and to get it done now. People can often relate to the ‘warrior of survival’, dismissing time for creativity or allowing their true purpose to emerge, to focus on reality, such as paying the bills.
Deborra often depicts the warrior, as wearing a full set of armor: heavy-laden with responsibilities and with no time for reflection. The warrior thinks of bills to be paid, often taking on the burdens of others in his life. He frequently feels alone and that no one truly understands his plight. He has little time to ‘enjoy’ life or to smell the roses. The overly used and under paid warrior often speaks of shoulder and neck issues, lower back pain, hip or knee aches and sciatic nerve issues.

The Inner Maiden

More often, according to statistics, people report an absence of the inner maiden. “Don’t misunderstand: many people report a strong maiden and an absent warrior, but for the purpose of this article though, the average will be discussed. Everyone’s experience is completely normal and right for them”, Deborra is quick to respond.
People with an absent maiden typically report a heavy feeling in the chest, sore neck and shoulders, elbow or wrist issues, and occasionally numbness in the upper limbs. Quite often they have throat issues, clearing their throat or a weak sounding voice at times, even an actual feeling of being strangled. Sometimes a ring or redness can appear on the neck for no apparent reason.
Deborra says an endless expression of tears is not unusual with people reporting a missing maiden, and when they believe they don’t know her at all, they can feel overcome with desperation, extreme sadness and endless tears. “It’s common for people to report a sadness that just can’t be explained.”
The attributes of the maiden, are that of gentleness, kindness, creativity, a sense of openness, artistry, a strong spiritual connection, and well-developed intuition. The maiden may also be sensuous, graceful, and have a keen sense of ‘knowing’.
“In a recent Ottawa workshop, after day one, a student created an incredible vision board of her absent maiden, depicting the attributes she longs for in such a creative, astonishing way. She glowed as she stood up in class on day two, sharing the beautiful attributes of her now present maiden.” After the class, she continued to work with the maiden and other tools, awakening to the missing part of herself and embracing her beautiful inner maiden. “She finally gave her maiden back her voice!” says Cameron.

Getting in touch

People often ask, “How can I get in touch with the Inner Warrior or Maiden?” and Deborra explains it is a powerful step to begin the inner journey of discovering the connection an individual has with these two aspects of self. After reading this far, some people may already have a strong sense of where they are at and which aspect may be their more dominant, but it is such an enriching and enlightening exploration to go through the Emotional Mastery process!
Is your warrior or maiden missing? Deborra recommends starting a warrior and maiden journal, checking in with both each day and making a list of the present traits of the warrior and maiden. By doing this, you can more accurately see where each is at, surprising yourself with your actual familiarity with the less dominant aspect, when you may have assumed it was absent. The next step is to make a list of your DESIRED attributes of the warrior and maiden, or even to create a vision board for both warrior and maiden, as you would desire to see them. The ultimate end result is union between the two. Then and only then can you report a feeling of completeness!
Through awareness and intention, you can instantly connect with these two powerful aspects of self, Deborra assures. ‘Listen for the voice of the maiden. Ask her a question, and open your heart to her response. An example would be “maiden, how would you respond to this current situation?” Watch for the signs of exhaustion from the warrior. How does your body feel? Is he in fight or flight, or is he strong, self assured and balanced?’
At any time your maiden can call on several warrior attributes to help her in any given situation, as can the warrior call on the potent attributes of the maiden, when he needs inner knowing, or a ‘gut’ feeling on how to handle a situation. The warrior may require a little gentleness and spiritual involvement, instead of bashing forward as typically programmed, in order to observe and respond vs. react.

“The unity of the warrior and maiden is the intended goal for all of us. Your dominant aspect of self is potent and powerful, and your present attributes amazing!” Cameron goes on to say, “There may simply be a bit of unbalance that is preventing you from reaching the emotional symmetry we all crave.”

For those looking to get in touch with their own inner maiden or warrior, Deborra Cameron is offering a Summer Retreat weekend for couples and singles on July 21-22 in the Ottawa countryside that promises to be good for the mind, body and soul!

Deborra Cameron has been teaching for more than 17 years and has taken her dynamic workshops across Canada and the United States, engaging the hearts and minds of participants everywhere .
Deborra uses the principles of the warrior maiden and the cycle of creation teachings of Taoist masters in her successful intuitive reflexology practice, Sole to Soul Holistics.

“Deborra Cameron is a gifted reflexologist. After being on serious medication (with serious side effects) for rheumatoid arthritis for over six years, I decided I was ready to try something else. I undertook a course of reflexology treatments with Deborra. She has assisted me with the transition from medicated control of symptoms to drug-free and symptom-free! Not only that, Deborra’s insights into my emotional history and its effects have helped me to let go of long-standing negative patterns of behaviour. Thank you, Deborra, for your loving care.”

Uzma Ihsanullah, Attorney, Ottawa Canada


  1. Estelle Saunders

    Hi Deborra, I thoroughly enjoyed your class The Psychology of Disease at the IHN centre yesterday. More info on the Warrior-Maiden and your teaching on Qi-gong via your website has also been illuminating.
    Your passion for life is contagious, thanks for sharing your insights, and keep on doing this awesome work.
    Warm regards,


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