Intuitive Reflexology Testimonials

There are no words to express my gratitude for the positive and profound impact Deborra has made on my life.  Within a very short amount of time, she has helped transform my life on many levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She has helped me to connect with my true self on a deep level, which has led to an amazing shift in how I see myself, and how I interact with others.  For a number of years I have felt “stuck” in many parts of my life and now I feel ready to embrace all of the exciting experiences I know are waiting for me.  I am so thankful to her and her amazing gift, it has without a doubt changed my life forever in the most wonderful way I could ever have imagined.  For the first time in a very long time I feel whole, energized and excited about the future. 

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart Deborra!  You really have changed my life!

~ Cristie Vito, Ottawa, ON


Deborra’s work with my 13 year old son has been simply amazing. In just a few months, he’s been transformed from a kid with “head in the clouds” to a more responsible and socially connected individual. His schoolwork has improved beyond belief this term. I am very glad this happens at the beginning of his teenage years, such a crucial age. I just can’t say how much Deborra’s help has meant to me as a mother. I truly believe she should work more not only with kids but with their parents too – it is essential for people living in the same household to be on the same page and support each other, otherwise it’s a lonely journey – still possible and desirable, but much harder.

~ I.T., Ottawa, ON 


Deborra Cameron is a gifted relexologist.  After being on serious medication (with serious side effects) for rheumatoid arthritis for over six years, I decided I was ready to try something else.  I undertook a course of reflexology treatments with Deborra. She has assisted me with the transition from medicated control of symptoms to drug-free and symptom-free! Not only that, Deborra’s insights into my emotional history and its effects have helped me to let go of long-standing negative patterns of behaviour. Thank you, Deborra, for your loving care.” 

~ U. Ihsanullah