Deborra and Youth

Deborra’s Love of working with challenged youth!

Deborra enjoys working with youth. She has been successful in idnetifying triggers and alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety.


Deborra’s work with my 13 year old son has been simply amazing. In just a few months, he’s been transformed from a kid with “head in the clouds” to a more responsible and socially connected individual. His schoolwork has improved beyond belief this term. I am very glad this happens at the beginning of his teenage years, such a crucial age. I just can’t say how much Deborra’s help has meant to me as a mother. I truly believe she should work more not only with kids but with their parents too – it is essential for people living in the same household to be on the same page and support each other, otherwise it’s a lonely journey – still possible and desirable, but much harder.

I.T…Ottawa ON

Deborra has been able to connect with my 12 year old son to form a deep bond of trust and respect. Since Deborra began working with him, my son has become more self aware and in touch with his emotions. Now, rather than reacting in unconscious and hurtful ways, he is able to mindfully choose how to respond to his sometimes turbulent emotions. With help from Deborra, my son is more grounded and positive. Thank you Deborra for teaching my son and I tools to better understand, manage and shift our emotional responses to conflict and stress; my son and I are forming a closer, more respectful and harmonious relationship as a result of the work you are doing with us!

Tara-Lea Herkert